Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Reading List

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Reading List

The Broken Cord

Michael Dorris, 1990

When Michael Dorris, 26, single, working on his doctorate, and part Indian himself, applied to adopt an Indian child, his request was speedily granted. He knew that his new three-year-old son, Adam, was badly developmentally disabled; but he believed in the power of nurture and love. This is the heartrending story, full of compassion and rage, of how his son grew up mentally retarded, a victim of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome whom no amount of love could make whole.


Living With a Brother or Sister With Special Needs: A Book for Sibs

Patricia Vadasy (Contributor), Donald Joseph Meyer, Rebecca R. Fewell, 1985

Since siblings are not often informed about their siblings’ disabilities by anyone, it could cause more concern; this book’s objective is very important. You can also get basic knowledge of laws, programs, and services for persons with disabilities and their families in the U.S.